About the Wyoming Open

President & Founder: Mayor Ed J. Glode

Tournament Director: Monte Thayer

Marketing Director: Dragon Promotions

Title Sponsor: Andy Cloth USA

Host Sponsor: Shively Hardware

Build it


They Will



In 2008, Mayor Ed J. Glode had a vision of bringing the greatest pool players in Wyoming and surrounding states to his town of Saratoga, Wyoming. He also insured that the up and coming players had opportunity to play and developed different skill level divisions. He even brought in one world class player to show the fans in person a real life pro. 
Each year the event grew, in every way imaginable. 
Today the Wyoming Open has become the most famous tournament in the Rocky Mountain states of Colorado, Utah, Idaho, S.Dakota, Montana, New Mexico, & Wyoming. It has also become the biggest event of any kind in the town of Saratoga,  achieving international recognition and drawing hundreds of pool players of all skills levels from around the country from Florida, New York City, California and more. Even around the world.
The host town of Saratoga has now become synonymous everywhere as a place for great fun, great people, and great billiards~

Rodney Morris (Hawaii) , Mayor Ed J. Glode, Charlie Williams (Florida) , Raj Hundal (England)

The early supporters of the Wyoming Open