10th Annual Wyoming Open

March 16, 2017



Saratoga,Wyoming- FIELD EXPANDED!!! We set a new record this year as ALL the divisions were full 6 weeks before the event! So we found room to add 8 more tables at a new location in town and have limited spots. Contact us ASAP Wyoming Open Fans!! l 1 (307) 710-1447 Visit 
Only 14 days till the historic 10th Wyoming Open on March 31- April 2 of 2017! 
Get your Andy Cloth now and practice!!


The event is sponsored by widely popular Andy Cloth and played with the world's finest Aramith Balls with local partners include Duke's Bar & Grill, the Hotel Wolf & Restaurant, and the Riviera Lodge with all events coordinated by Shively Hardware. In addition, the livestream by .

The event is also supported by the town's own businesses which include :  Red Sage Spa, Pik Ranch, Carbon County, Bella's Bistro, Lollypops, and Shively Hardware.


Order Andy Cloth today by calling 307-710-1447   and Like Andy at   . Official Products used during the Wyoming Open

For more info and to follow the WY Open goto


The Wyoming Open is the only event in the Rocky Mountains where fans and players in the region can rub shoulders with the biggest stars of the game


Andy Cloth was founded in 1973 and has become one of the premier professional playing cloths in the world today. AndyCloth USA is based in Saratoga, Wyoming and has quickly impressed critics and professional players worldwide. Andy Cloth is used exclusively in major international events such as The Queens Cup, Women’s World 9-Ball Championship, USA’s 103 year old World Tournament of 14.1 , The China Open,The BeijingOpen,  the International 10-Ball Championships in Philippines, the Wyoming Open, the High Desert Shootout, the Women’s International Pool Championship, and many more. Andy Pro Tour Cloth is specially designed for the American pool player market. It is engineered for weather conditions, longevity, ball reaction, and speed. It is the most superior professional performance playing surface on Earth. Visit 

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